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Date(s) - 01/05/2015 - 17/05/2015
All Day

Aurora Community



About Permaculture

Permaculture is a design theory and practice that seeks to develop ecological farming systems and sustainable human settlements in an attempt to shape after natural ecosystems.

What is a PDC?
PDC Permaculture Design Course or a course is modeled for 72 hours and addressing key themes and core of Permaculture. In this case, 100h hours will be allocated.
This course will give students a Permaculture Design Certificate, and access to the Permaculture Diploma Process.


With a deep theoretical and practical experience in Permaculture, setting up projects in urban spaces, amazon landscapes, Mediterranean spaces, Cold Climate, practical or theoretical. He is passionate about bio-contruction and earthworks.
With a multicultural experience, established in Portugal the living and learning center “O’Fojo”.
A Permaculture teacher, he holds a Permaculture Diploma recognized by the Portuguese Permaculture Institute.

Claudian Dobos
Since 2009 when he did his PDC with Max Lindegger (Australia) participated in different permaculture projects in Europe.
Permaculture Teachers Course with Rosemary Morrow (Australia) in Portugal.
He is also a Transition Towns trainer he is active in different ecologic movements and networks.
Since February 2013 he is established in Aurora Community where he is involved in setting-up the Aurora LLC (living and learning center) and specially Aurora Permaculture Research Center.
He is widely active in national and transnational organization related with sustainability, like Global Ecovillage Network, ECOLISE, and Transition Network.
He is co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute of Romania and member of the European Permaculture Council and of the emerging European Permaculture Network.

Assistant Teachers

Gabriel Diaconu (aka Permacultura Strambeni)


The course will take place near the village of Lunca Cernii de Jos, Hunedoara County, in ROMANIA.
The course will have a residential scheme.

How to get there

Information soon available.


The course will begin on the evening of 1 of May and will end after breakfast on 17th of May, 2015.
To properly take advantage of the course, advanced knowledge of English is recommended.

380 EUR – Full Board Course
245 EUR – Early Birds. For Romanian and Hungarian citizens, until 1st of March.
185 EUR – Locals from the nearest villages.
15% discount – Groups and couples. Must be requested on booking. And it is only applicable over the full fare after 1st of March.

The fares should be transferred before the course.
If you need information please contact the organizers.

Who organizes this PDC

The course is organized by:
Aurora Circle.
Supported by:
Permaculture Research Institute of Romania
ROMANIA in TRANZITIE – Tranisition Towns Network Movement of Romania
Aurora Community
Seminte Libere

How to apply?

Entries shall be made via the bellow form.
Its validation is done only after payment of at least 50% of the total price of the course.
Transfer data will be sent via e-mail.

If you really want to know what is a PDC about, check bellow the partial program of the course.

Installing and connecting with the space.

Introduction,  venue visit, Permaculture basics, history, ethics, interventions fields.

Morning circle introduction, mind maps, pure observation, Gaia’s theory, System’s theory, natural patterns application in Permaculture Design, Permaculture principles

Biodiversity, yield definition, fluxes, design (element, function, time and resources), reading the landscape, sun path diagram,  K-line, K-point, Yeomans plow , Regen Ag.

Chaos Theory and order, dynamic balance exercise, herb spiral, zone 1, seeding, measurements, accesses, zone 5 ,practical project vision, observation skills, art, input/output analysis, microclimates, ethic options in design, compost toilet idea and examples, small groups design exercise, presentations, action learning.

A focused reflection day, individual design exercise, community made day, Forum. 

Visit’s day. Trees and their interaction, forest formation and layers, agroforestry, food forests, forest gardens, land regeneration, animals in Permaculture, attract animal strategies, agriculture in Permaculture, raised beds, instant garden, companion plants, weeds, organic agriculture vs Permaculture, wind barriers.

Water conscience, water laws in permaculture, roof catchment, pond sizes,  Sepp Holzer’s technics, rules for ponds, water systems, water plants, aquaculture, fish systems (plants and animals), aquaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, self-forage systems, hands on A-frame, swale digging, self-reflection.

Earth connection, soil introduction, erosion, paedogenesis, earth resources, earthworks, soil types, soil sampling, soil identification, plants and soils, climate strategies introduction,  compost making, vermicomposting, tree  planting + humid cool to cold climates + tropical to subtropical strategies + land regeneration + animals in Permaculture + film at night.

Introduction to bioconstruction, companionship technologies, materials, bioclimatic architecture, solar passive house,  green roof, trombre wall, alternative technologies, thermal mass owen, rocket stove,  hands on cob construction, personal outline design exercise.

Second ocused reflection or Free day.

Urban Permaculture, design methodologies (OBREDIM, SATIMET, PASTE, etc.), implementation process, maintenance, map reading, surveying, sand pit projects design by students (model), group design strategies, project definition, client interview.

Bioregions, intentional communities,  choosing,  ecovillages, legal structures, associations, cooperatives, academies,  invisible structures, conflict, decision processes .

Economy, ethical investments, ethical banks, credit cooperatives, alternative money, community economy, LETS.

Local vs global, personal local achievement diagram, self-authentication, quality and education, action learning, teaching Permaculture, diploma systems, design presentations, brief revision of the course, diploma assessment, celebration.

You are so invited to take part in a multicultural environment, outstanding views, gorgeous food at Aurora Community!
A life-changing experience.

What former participants say about the course:

100h PDC with MU and Claudian was an amazing experience. I got much more than I expected. No matter how many books you read, you don’t really understand what permaculture is until you go to a PDC.
Laura Magyar

In Romanian (use Google Translator for aproximate translation):
A fost o experiență unică pentru mine. Am avut deja destul de multe cunoștințe despre Permacultura și am avut o impresie că prea multe noutăți sau surprize nu îmi va putea oferi. Dar am avut surpriza să mă înșel în legătură cu acest lucru. Ceace a oferit participarea la acest PDC a depășit toate așteptările mele. Oricât de mult aș fi putut învăța de unul singur, experiențele, procesul de invățare, cooperarea și interacțiunile cu alții intr-o comunitate este ceva de neînlocuit pe care nu l-aș fi putut dobândi doar prin studiu propriu. Vreau să atrag atenția asupra modului unic prin care MU impreaună cu Claudian au facilitat cursul. În timpul cursului nu doar am învățat despre permacultură și ce înseamnă de a fi un permaculturist ci am devenit unul. La sfârșitul celor două săptămâni fiecare dintre noi, care am participat am devenit designeri de permacultură nu doar pe un certificat ci și în felul în care gândim și acționăm. La sfârșit de curs am plecat acasă ca un adevărat permaculturist plin cu cunoștințe întruchipate(embodied) si experiențe bogate. Decizia mea de a participa la PDC-ul facilitat de Mauricio Uman si Claudian a fost unul dintre cele mai bune decizii ale anului 2014
Peter Szutor

In Romanian (use Google Translator for aproximate translation):
PDC-ul de 100h este un eveniment cu multiple efecte secundare. Musai de incercat!
Sabin Muresan


Bookings are closed for this event.

2015 Aurora Circle | All with love.
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